ATProX designs and supplies dry air production package, XIA, for instrument air generation.

XIA based on air compression and pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

The basic principle of air separation from moisture relies on the use of specific adsorbent (molecular sieve) for the selective adsorption of moisture.

The proposed plants, equipped with all the necessary instrumentation for operation, are fully automated control through programmable logic controller (PLC). The control system includes:

– Automatic operation of the plant

– Supervision of process parameters with safety/stop logic and alarm in case of abnormal operation

– Process value control on HMI (touch screen display)

XIA units, designed according to oil&gas international standards, are compact, fully skid-mounted, pre-tested.

XIA is a standardized solution to support short-time-to-start-up projects; in any case, ATProX offers optimized solutions to meet customer’s need.