Nitrogen is a colorless odorless inert gas at normal temperature, is available in abundance in air. It is normally attached to another nitrogen atom, making a nitrogen molecule (N2). It has numerous applications like food processing, heat treatment, metal cutting, glassmaking, chemical industry, and many other processes are based on nitrogen.

Nitrogen offers an extensive variety of capabilities for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, here below the main uses:

  1. Pipeline Purging: to prevent explosion by limiting the oxygen content and replacing any undesirable or a hazardous atmosphere with an inert dry atmosphere.
  2. Pipeline pigging: pressurized nitrogen is used as the driving force to push the pigs through the pipe and to purge the pipeline after the pigging has been completed.
  3. Cooling down the catalyst in a refinery: when a refinery is in shut down phase, it is preferable to minimize the temperature of catalyst.
  4. Blanketing of empty storage facility: humid air in the head space is replaced by high-purity, inert, and totally dry nitrogen. A precise valve-control system ensures that as the tank is filled or emptied, the nitrogen content automatically adjusts to maintain the protective blanket.