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Contract Award with KONAR-SIBUR

ATP and its process division ATProX have been awarded a contract for the supply of air treatment equipment and solutions to Konar for the Maleic Ahnydride complex of Sibur (Russia). The project includes the complete process and detailed engineering, equipment supply and EAC certifications. Main process units are chemical filtration, dust filtration, air dryers. All […]

ATP and KAP Montenegro entered into MOU

KAP Uniprom is the biggest Aluminum producer in Montenegro and one of the main in Europe. ATP has entered into a MOU with KAP for the complete revamping of the Air Treatment and Filtration for the facility. The works will involve the smelter and the anodes production units, having befenits in terms of alumina (raw […]

ATProX Technology XCO for CO2 treatment

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is a critical part of the industrial technology portfolio. In the Clean Technology Scenario (CTS), which sets out an energy system pathway consistent with the Paris Agreement, more than 28 GtCO2 is captured from industrial facilities in the period to 2060. CCUS delivers 38% of the emissions reductions needed […]