ATProX designs and supplies Potable Water Pressurization Package.

Here below a detailed analysis of a pressurization package, for Germany client, mainly made by centrifugal pumps. The purpose of this package is to pressurize potable water from public network and send it to users. In the table below are reported the main process data.

The package includes n° 3 centrifugal pumps and n°1 expansion vessel.

The pumps, in parallel mode, are individually controlled by control unit, installed on local control panel, able to monitor the main pumps parameters.

The outlet water pressure is monitored by pressure transmitter installed on discharge line; the package works by maintaining pressure control:

The controller acts on pump(s) speed, distributing the total required speed on the pump number operating. The package is a standardized solution to support short-time-to-start-up projects; in any case, ATProX offers optimized solutions to meet customer’s need.