designs and supplies hot sanitary water production and storage package.

Sanitary hot water production Packages are made by a storage heat exchanger
fitted with internal heating pipe bundle. The purpose of the packages is to
generate hot water by means a LP Steam that condenses tube side of the
equipment. The storage system allows a continuous and regular operation of the

order to avoid bacteria growth, an automatic sanitization program (Legionella
program) is provided. It allows to heat up the sanitary water at the
temperature decided by operator (80°C recommended) and make recirculation in
the circuit for a defined time. The program and duration shall be scheduled by

proposed plants, equipped with all the necessary instrumentation for operation,
are fully automated control through programmable logic controller (PLC). The
control system includes:

Units, designed according to oil&gas international standards, are compact, fully skid-mounted, pre-tested. The package is a standardized solution to support short-time-to-start-up projects; in any case, ATProX offers optimized solutions to meet customer’s need.