ATProX, the process package division on Group ATP, has been awarded a contract for the engineering and fabrication of two units for H2S removal from fuel gas that feeds a CHP plant

Based on XHS proprietary technology for sulphur removal, the package permits to reduce the H2S from 5,000 ppm to <20 ppm with reduced CAPEX and OPEX than competitive solutions. Being the H2S one of the main causes of the corrosion of the internal part of the engines, it’s mandatory to keep its level <50ppm.
In addition to the package, ATP will supply an innovative in-house engineered H2S monitoring system.
ATProX provides solutions to purify, treat, separate, heat-up or cool-down the utility fluids as air, nitrogen, steam, syngas, CO2, H2S, hydrogen, water, fuel gas, biogas.