ATProX, the process division of ATP Group

What ATProX can do for you

Every process industry deals with utilities, which are becoming more important because of operating costs and product requirements. If you have to purify, treat, separate, heat-up or cool-down the utility fluids as air, nitrogen, steam, syngas, CO2, H2S, hydrogen, water, fuel gas, biogas, ATProX has the right product for your operations. Whether is a standard equipment or a fully customized system based on project specifications, ATProX will be the right partner.

Markets and Expertises

ATProX provides process skids for fluid treatment to the Process Industries:

  • Energy and Clean Energy
  • Chemical and Petrochemcal
  • Pharma and Biotech
  • R&D Centers and Laboratories
  • Oil&Gas
  • Offshore
  • Mining
  • Power

About ATP Group

ATProX is part of ATP Group.

ATP Group has been providing systems for the energy market for 15+ years. Excelling in HVAC for extreme conditions and heavy industries, ATP is in the position to supply a full range of products for the process industries, from HVAC to AHU and utilities equipment, standard or fully customized.

ATP has operating offices and workshops in Italy and Canada.